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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

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The Call of Duty franchise is bringing the first person shooter to an all new level. With a projected release date of November 4 of 2016, fans will have to wait a few more months. In spite of the long wait, there is plenty of information out there to whet the gamer’s appetite.

Call of Duty, Infinite Warfare, is taking the game and storyline into the infinite confines of space. A recently released trailer shows combat between astronauts in zero-gravity, as well as cut scenes from spaceships, interplanetary vessels, and warfare Call of Duty style on alien planets. However, there are no alien species featured in the game.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare will be available for all of the usual gaming systems such as PC, the PS4 and Xbox One. Standard memory and graphics cards are recommended for the PC version to maximize game play.

As far as plot and storyline go, Infinite Warfare takes place in the not too distant future. In a common theme for futuristic games, the earth’s resources have been all but used up and its citizens must get their fuels and resources from other planets in the solar system. The bad guys in Infinite Warfare aren’t aliens, as you might expect, but rather a sect of belligerent baddies who want all of the resources for themselves.

The player plays as Captain Nick Reyes who was, fortunately or unfortunately, field promoted to lead the defensive force against the invading sect called the Settlement Defense Front. As you would expect, the game is full of massive future tech, such as interplanetary vessels, powerful weapons that work in the zero G environment, and typical Call of Duty combat. Early information out about Infinite Warfare suggests that artificial intelligence robots in-game may assist or battle against the players. In other words, there are robots on the good guys’ and the bad guys’ teams. A massive mothership is used as a headquarters from which Captain Reyes will need to make some tactical decisions. Strategy will advance the success of game missions.

Infinity Ward, the makers of the Call of Duty franchise, were anxious to develop this space-laced Call of Duty game. While long-time fans of the game have repeatedly bought and enjoyed games that take place in the war annals of time, the developers were interested in creating a Call of Duty experience in null gravity, just to see if they could. They were in search of a plausible space combat situation, and by all accounts, they may have done just that.

The earth invasion scene in the opening segment of the game is an intense and harrowing event full of laser-induced carnage, screaming men and women running from the invading ships, and news reels of stoic-sounding news anchors as they try to describe the unfolding events. Like the soul-wrenching stories of earlier Call of Duty storylines, Infinite Warfare will be just as earnest in depicting the trials and struggles of human combat. Turns out no matter where humans are, earth or space, they still just can’t get along.


The makers of Call of Duty are at it again. Infinity Ward, perhaps in a play for some self-aggrandizement, have named their newest installment in the CoD franchise Infinite Warfare. The title suggests unending gameplay, but it may be more simple than that. This latest Call of Duty game takes place in space, that last bastion of boundless exploration and potential danger.

Game developers were pressed to explain their decision to create a CoD game that takes place in null gravity, and the answer was simplicity itself. They really wanted to. Developers explained that many on the team wanted to see if they could do it, develop a game that was challenging and exciting but that took the frequently heartfelt storylines out into space to play out.

While longtime fans have consistently chosen games that portray historical war events, Infinity Ward threw caution to the solar winds, and came up with Infinite Warfare.

Call of Duty plotters have seamlessly churned out plots that move gameplay along in meaningful ways, and Infinite Warfare will probably be no different.

Captain Nick Reyes gets field promoted, which means his own CO is killed, leaving him in charge of troops as earth is invaded by a ruthless global sect called the Settlement Defense Front. The opening segment depicts a horrific attack on unsuspecting citizens of earth as the SDF unleashes its full firepower on civic buildings and humans alike. Screenshots and game trailer cut scenes show a growing level of combat as Reyes attempts to lead his troops to victory over the ruthless SDF.

Interplanetary vessels, smaller fighter ships, and a huge mothership acting as home base all make up the space vehicle portion of the game. All the ships are weaponized, and some of the gameplay involves Captain Reyes making strategic military command decisions from the mothership. Effective strategies will influence later gameplay, so players must keep sharp.

In addition to space warfare, there is still the man to man melee that fans love. Another dimension is added to these melee combat scenes when they take place in zero Gs. The game trailer shows first person combat action amidst space debris while the player’s character floats. Gameplay in space is described as dangerous, where players seek to return to ships or planets as soon as possible, due to the deadly radiation of the sun and other in-space hazards. Hostile environment ends up being another level of difficulty in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare.

CoD Infinite Warfare will be available on the following game systems: PC, Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. Those using PC/Windows will want standard memory and graphic cards at the least for optimum performance and gameplay. With a release date of November 2016, there is some time before Infinite Warfare comes out. Before then, gamers may want to brush up on their interplanetary geography and solar system knowledge. There will not be any alien species featured in Infinite Warfare, but the SDF will be attacking resources across the entire solar system in its attempt at economic domination.